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Crafting Timeless Logos & Powerful Brand Identities

At WebRay Studio, we craft distinctive and impactful logos and branding that resonate with your audience. Our designs blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring your brand identity is both memorable and effective. By staying ahead of branding trends and utilizing innovative techniques, we create logos and branding elements that reflect your business’s core values and drive your brand forward. Let us transform your vision into a compelling and cohesive brand identity.

How We Works

Our Simple 4-Step Workflow for Logo & Branding

At WebRay Studio, we streamline the logo and branding process with our simple 4-step workflow. We start by understanding your vision and goals through detailed consultations. Next, we develop a tailored strategy, creating initial sketches and concepts to map out your brand’s visual identity. Our creative team then brings your vision to life with innovative, visually stunning, and memorable logos and branding elements that reflect your brand’s essence. Finally, we conduct a thorough review, make any necessary adjustments, and deliver the final branding assets, providing ongoing support to ensure your brand’s continued success.

Consultation &

We begin by understanding your vision, goals, and target audience through detailed consultations.

Strategy &

We develop a tailored strategy and create initial sketches and concepts to map out the brand’s visual identity.

Design &

Our creative team brings your vision to life with innovative, visually stunning, and memorable logo designs that reflect your brand’s essence.

Review &


We review, adjust, and deliver the final branding assets, and provide ongoing support to ensure consistency and effectiveness


Logo & Branding Projects We Worked On

Discover our portfolio of logo and branding projects that showcase our expertise in creating memorable and impactful brand identities. Each project reflects our commitment to delivering unique solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and goals. See how we bring brands to life with innovative and visually stunning designs.

Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline for a logo and branding project varies based on complexity and specific requirements. On average, it can take between 2 to 4 weeks from initial consultation to final delivery.

We need a clear understanding of your vision, goals, target audience, and any specific ideas or preferences you have. Providing existing branding materials, if any, can also be helpful.

Typically, we provide multiple initial design concepts for you to choose from. Based on your feedback, we refine the selected concept to ensure it meets your expectations.

Yes, we offer revisions based on your feedback to ensure the final design aligns perfectly with your vision and requirements.

Absolutely. We specialize in both creating new brand identities and revitalizing existing ones. We work closely with you to ensure the new branding aligns with your current market position and business goals.

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